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The Power Of Your Story

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Many people feel like they don’t have a story worth sharing. There was a time when I felt like my story didn’t matter too. That I hadn’t been through enough for my words to make a difference in someone else’s life. I had a deep desire to share myself and what I had learned so far, but where did I begin?

I began sharing my story anyway – through blogs, on stages, and through conversations, and as a result I began to uncover my worth. I realized quickly that sharing my stories was helping me heal and that I was beginning to get comfortable in my own skin. Also, I saw that my own vulnerability gave others the courage to share their own stories.

The power in sharing your own stories with others, in whatever way you feel comfortable, is that it changes the lives of those you share it with.

I am not just talking about those big transition, huge transformation moments, that we all inevitably have – a lot of us aren’t ready to share those with the world. And that’s okay. There are everyday stories that we can share.

A great story is always told authentically - I am not talking about the details of the story, I am talking about how the experience made you feel and what you learned from the experience. Emotional authenticity begets the same from others, thus creating a connection that is meaningful and impactful.

As a speaker coach, when I have listened to or coached others through developing their speeches or presentations, those who share an experience authentically with brevity have left me wanting to hear everything else they have to say. A whole speech doesn’t have to be a singular story. It can be a brief story that makes a huge impact. That impact lies within the speaker’s ability to be completely real about how they felt and how they shifted through any experience.

Research has shown that stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain and are better remembered then stating facts. Sharing our stories is one of the most important things we can give to those around us. Storytelling truly does change the world. It has changed mine.

Your stories matter.

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