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The Speakership Collective

Exciting news! Next month I will be joining Margaret Watts Romney's team as a facilitator for the Speakership Collective. Twice a month I will be leading a group on the topic of memoir storytelling.

What will my group entail? I will you help you to explore, find, and develop authentic stories from your own life to use in your speeches, presentations, business pitches, marketing, and branding.

Research has proven that stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain and are better remembered then stating facts. That’s why storytelling is effective in a variety of situations.

Telling stories from your own life is simple, but it can also be scary. It's about sharing your own experiences, how you felt in the process, how you navigated something, and it’s about how you changed or transformed. Sharing isn’t just about you (which is healing) it is also healing for those you share it with. Your willingness to be vulnerable can, literally, change someone's life.

My group is just a small bonus in being a part of the Speakership Collective. My success this year has in large part been because of the leadership and the community that is available. From one-on-one's to a variety of weekly has helped me move forward with confidence in my career again after being home with little Merit for so long. It is literally a one stop shop for ANYONE who wants to take their speakership to the next level.

I am also doing individual sessions for people who want to share their stories with the world - so this group is a major bonus to add to the work I am already doing (

If you are interested in being a part of the Speakership Collective, here is just a taste of the offerings. These are upcoming classes you have access to among other support groups where you get to present, practice, get feedback, and have one-on-one sessions!

Aug 17: What is "Authentic" Speaking? Aug 31: Expert Megan Heffernan: Giving our Body Something to Say Sept 7: Three Essential Preparation Tools Sept 21: Preparing for Interviews: Podcasts, Panel Discussions, and Media Spots

New groups that will begin being offered September 1st are: *Finding speaking opportunities *Camera presence & voice inflection *Memoir storytelling *Practicing leadership

If you want to check out some of the offerings, go here:

New memberships open September 1st and there are limited spots. If you want to grab one, go here:

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