Who do you want to be?

One question. One answer. You choose. 


Are you looking for a keynote speaker who is refreshing, vulnerable, authentic, and who brings a fresh perspective on hard topics? 

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Have you ever been listening to someone give a presentation and your eyes glaze over and it takes everything in you to stay awake? Or worse - you're the one giving the speech and you see that look in the eyes of your audience?

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Meagan O'Nan is an award-winning author. Her books are thought provoking, forward thinking, and give the reader a glimpse into her heart and her love for unity, peace, forgiveness, and self-acceptance. 

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I am a mom, a wife to a wife, and Mississippi is home. I have been asking myself this one question my whole life: Who do I want to be in this moment? It has directed my choices, inspired me to be present, and given me the opportunity to see that I get to choose who I want to be in every moment. Because of this one question, I get to live a life of wholeness. It wasn’t always that way, and it isn’t always pretty. This question gives me an opportunity to choose how I see any circumstance, person, or outcome. One question. One answer. I choose.


I am a professional  speaker; and have been lucky enough to have shared the stage with other inspirational speakers such as don Miguel Ruiz and have received personal praise from Desmond Tutu for my “splendid work for God and God’s children.” I have authored many books, two of which have been published, and one that won an award (yippee!).

As a speech coach, I am compassionate and direct, and I love to work with clients to dig into their own lives to find the stories they want to share with the world through their speeches and presentations. I am a lover of hearing other people's stories and sharing the ones that I collect. As an experienced speech writer and speech giver, I take pride in making sure that every speech (either my own or my clients) is impactful and memorable. 



“Moving and aggressive. Meagan's story is an inspiring one but not for your comfort. Instead, it challenges us to find those parts of life that may still linger in the shadows, afraid or ashamed to 'come out', be real and truly live. We all need and can benefit from witnessing this kind of courage.”

Episcopal Bishop

The Right Revd. C. Shannon Mallory DD


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