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Watch Meagan's Speech that received personal praise from Desmond Tutu


Own. Share. Connect.

Vulnerable Storytelling

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MEAGAN has worked with...

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and many more...

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Erin Weed

Founder of Evoso

""Meagan is one of the most impactful speakers I've ever worked with. Her voice, her demeanor, her story, her command of the room - it's a rare gift and she's got it."


Teju Ravilochan

Founder, GatherFor

“Meagan lives the way she speaks and facilitates: sincerely. Her words come from her heart, and are arranged courageously in compelling stories and interactive sessions that awaken participants to what's real for them. ”

chris arians.jpg

Christine Arians

Arians Family Foundation

"Meagan's heart, her thoughtful insights, her eloquence, and her storytelling ability are amazing and hard-won. So impressed

jacob greer.jpg

Jacob Greer

Red Cross National

"The topic of vulnerable storytelling struck a chord across multiple resource groups and audiences within the Red Cross. I loved Meagan's talk on a very personal level. We are excited about the possibility of further training we can provide our staff and volunteers where they can format their own story through Meagan's method. Her presentation was moving and we all still raving about it."



Dana Tate Bailey, ICST, LPC

“Meagan was the keynote speaker for a Women’s Wellness Retreat I attended. Her message was beautiful and powerful and timely; however, that’s not what captured my heart. What touched me so deeply was her presence and her compassionate, resilient heart. Meagan is a creative, dedicated peace keeper, and her message of hope, healing, forgiveness and peace is what this world needs right now.”


Episcopal Bishop

The Right Revd. C. Shannon Mallory DD

“Moving and aggressive. Meagan's story is an inspiring one but not for your comfort. Instead, it challenges us to find those parts of life that may still linger in the shadows, afraid or ashamed to 'come out', be real and truly live. We all need and can benefit from witnessing this kind of courage.”


Bobbi Winslow

Youth Director for United Centers for Spiritual Living

“Meagan has the ability to speak to a variety of audiences with great success. She researches the subject as an extension of her own knowledge to provide accurate and current data. She speaks from her heart and the connection with her audience is visible. Her stories and client examples prove her abilities as a bard; they're told with humor, sincerity and compassion. Meagan is a woman of integrity and your next event will benefit from her presentation or workshop.”

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