Beyond Labels:
Uncovering The Power Of Who You Are

We all have labels, whether we're white, black, gay, straight, short, tall, heavy, thin, Jewish, Christian, happy, sad, and so on. Labels are often necessary and useful, but in an already challenging world they serve to divide and isolate us from each other even more. And they restrict and inhibit us from expressing who we truly are.

What if asking ourselves one question could change not only how we see the world around us, but also gave us permission to fully be ourselves beyond our labels? And what if in applying that question to our lives, and learning from our answers, we were able to create the life we truly want, deep down?

Learning outcomes:​

  • How to identify and embrace your labels

  • How to get clarity on who you want to be beyond your labels

  • How to be who you truly are out in the world

The Power Of Your Story

Have you ever listened to someone speaking and felt absolutely riveted? Research has shown that stories that are personal and emotionally compelling engage more of the brain and are better remembered than stating facts. Sharing a personal experience in this way can create a captive audience almost immediately.


Authentic storytelling, whether in presentations, interviews, conversations, or even pitching ideas, gives the listener an opportunity to connect with you, making the interaction more memorable.  Even the briefest of stories told with genuineness and emotional connection can make a huge impact on those around you.


We all have stories to tell, stories that are waiting to be told. Tell yours.


Learning Outcomes:


  • How to utilize your stories in presentations, interviews, and conversations in order to achieve successful outcomes

  • How to uncover your own moments of transformation to use in effective storytelling

  • How to structure your stories to make your presence more memorable in any situation


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