Beyond Labels:
Uncovering The Power Of Who You Are

We all have labels, whether we're white, black, gay, straight, short, tall, heavy, thin, Jewish, Christian, happy, sad, and so on. Labels are often necessary and useful, but in an already challenging world they serve to divide and isolate us from each other even more. And they restrict and inhibit us from expressing who we truly are.

What if asking ourselves one question could change not only how we see the world around us, but also gave us permission to fully be ourselves beyond our labels? And what if in applying that question to our lives, and learning from our answers, we were able to create the life we truly want, deep down?

Learning outcomes:​

  • How to identify and embrace your labels

  • How to get clarity on who you want to be beyond your labels

  • How to be who you truly are out in the world

This keynote is for:

  • College freshmen who are striving to have the best college experience possible

  • Leaders on campus who want to tap into the depth of their potential in order to make a bigger impact

  • Graduating college students who want to enter the “real world” feeling confident they are going to make a significant difference

The Power Of Your Story



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