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Unedited Photos + Custom Framing + Original Writing
     (using raw/found materials)

There is so much noise in the world. It is so easy to keep asking “Why?" Why is this happening right now? Why is that person being that way? Why am I so anxious? Why am I so sad? Why is everyone so angry?

We are always looking for an answer to the mystery of life. I've searched for the lessons I “should” be learning through tough circumstances. Why does it feel like the world is crumbling around us? Why is everyone so stuck on their own perspective and opinion? Why?!

To be honest, I am learning that searching for answers in these moments, in these times, with any a waste. Let me tell you why.

The same answer to any of life's big questions stays the same: Love more.

Cliché? Perhaps. But true. Any way you look at anything that happens in our lives...this is the constant calling of our souls.

Love life more because it can and it will change in an instant.

Love others more because it matters to the human heart - we cannot sustain ourselves or our world without love at the center of every interaction.

Love yourself more because you matter to so many people who will never be able to find the words to tell you just how much you mean to them.

Love life more because if you do, then you will see that it is actually on your side. If we can't let love in, then how can we give it?

Love others more because your love makes a difference in how someone else feels about the world.

Love yourself because there is no one else like you. You matter.

Love yourself enough to cry your tears. Your tears need to be released so that your heart can grow and new perspectives can make their way into your life.

It's not a matter of why you are here, or why we are here in this moment. It's a matter who we become because of it.

The fear surrounding us is as much a choice as allowing love to surround us instead.

Love like you mean it, and if you can't muster the courage to do it (sometimes we just can't)...then remember, that this too shall pass. Who you are, who I am, and who we are meant to be comes from the same place. Lets all remember together.

Love more because love heals.

Love More



Our Story_edited.png

Our Story

From the history of our ancestors
to the presence of our awareness,
we see a new dawn arising.


It’s within you.
It’s within us.


We can wait, or we can know.
We can hope, or we can believe . . .
again, in our rebirth.


Our story is one we must tell,
but not without each of us,
and not without each part.
Every moment counts—
every soul, every breath.

We know what’s important,
and yet we cling
to the past and its pain
as if its perceived comfort
will free us from change.


But we are all, in here—in this—
this is our story.


Our story.

We have to tell it from the part of us
that we believe deeply in
but don’t always know how to reach
or see
or touch.
It’s there
beyond the details
of our shared history.

I must reach.

I must rise.

I must be willing to shed
the light within me
and leave my past behind
—to become.
To become myself for me,
for you,
for my daughter.

For my heart.
A healed heart is an open heart.


No, we aren’t perfect.
Yes, we are broken . . .
in our brokenness,
our light shines through.


Grab my hand and let’s walk this path to freedom.

It’s where we belong.
It’s where we forgive.
It’s where we let go.
It’s where we stand again.
And again.



Falling Upward_edited.png



Healing Place

Standing next to an existence,

the rest of the world disappeared.

She looked up and noticed the branches...

     intertwined incandescence…


People spoke of its difficulty to survive.

Brown, green…now black and bare.

     To her, It spoke of Life,

     only life.


With one touch, its magnificence

electrified her being,

the maze turned into eloquent detail,

Rough, jagged, serrated


          smooth, malleable, transcendent.


Consciously examining every feature

with her fingertips,


how beauty could ever be questioned.


Her veins turn to bark,

the bark

     now her skin.


With words unspoken, the wind fills

their lungs with clarity,

as the blue magnificence releases

her perceptions, while the

limbs are intricately curling into the

soft movement above.


Releasing her fears.

The world appears again, as,

     beautifully occupied.

Outside of discernment, she took a step,

     -and another-


every face familiar, every heart apparent.



Only silence amongst irrelevant intensity –

She now knows

     that the healing of one,

Heals all.










To what is behind

the door. 

My heart, I asked you
     to wait silently in the night...
     by the fire,
catching glimpses of light in your
    -openness -
    the heat put a blanket
around your
    and left a crack to breathe for
And yet, you escaped the
    burden of pain,
    despite your lack of
You crawled away,
    into the woods looking,
    for answers.
Your thirst asking the
   fog to dissipate,
  enough for you to see.
But the sounds...
   the music of nature
  guides you to its essence...
   -flowing waters-
Your lips were parched...
  but no longer.



I Remember God

I remember God, 

from then...

tangible and present. 

Until I was taught that 

my sin exists

without any sin itself

And fear strangled my memory

as church whispered unworthiness

into my ears

A resilient spark within

questioned it all

-I was being pushed out-

Closed hearts wrapped around me

and the light that was left

squeezed through

There was a life for me somewhere, 

out there. 

I dreamt of you. 

A love was born from waiting. 

And waiting. 

You are a part of God,

that I remember, 

from then. 

Me. Now. 

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