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William Sansing

PhD, LPC-S, JLUSA LwC Alumnus

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Meagan for many years. Recently, after sharing a desire to improve my communication effectiveness and learning about her coaching work, she became my speaking and writing coach. As we began, Megan quickly helped settle my nerves, build my confidence, and led me through the steps to effective storytelling through verbal and written platforms. She affirmed my storytelling gifts and showed me specific ways to craft stories, connect with an audience, and land core messages to move others to action. Accepting my gift for storytelling and learning to communicate clear messages were the two most impactful lessons for me. Working with Meagan is one of my most valued professional and personal experiences. It isn't every day you get to work with someone who you not only respect, but also truly enjoy. I recommend her for anyone searching for a speaking, writing, or life coach.'


Lidiane Mocko

CEO CRM Growth Strategy

"Meagan was my coach at the Speakership club. She helped me to get over the fear of writing about my immigration journey. She created a safe space for me to share vulnerable and challenging situations in my life. Meagan helped me to understand the narrative arc of writing a memoir. The most impactful lesson that I learned from Meagan's coaching is to embrace those vulnerable moments in my personal story. Meagan's coaching helped me to find the gift in this difficult task, because she does it so well in her own writing. She modeled the way for me."


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