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Feeling Disconnected?

Merit and I were both home sick last week. There were hours where we didn't feel like doing anything, and hours where we want to do something...but not too much.

We were playing "rescue" at one point, where I was supposed to have an imaginary kitty cat stuck in an imaginary tree and Merit was going to rescue my kitty cat for me. So, I started fake crying and said, "I am so sad that my kitty cat is stuck in the tree. What do I do, Merit?"

She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Touching."

In other words, you get through your sadness by connecting. Connecting with others.

I have been on a downward slope lately. Feeling isolated and disconnected and a bit sad. Working from home has it perks. While I am connecting with incredible people online, and my work is taking off, I am not getting enough social stimulation with people in "real" life. Being face-to-face is very different from being screen-to-screen.

It's hard to reach out when you are feeling a bit lonely. It takes a bit of courage to meet up, to be invited, to be included in someone's day.

Merit reminded me in the most beautiful way that even if something takes a bit of courage, the answer is usually pretty simple.

So, who wants to grab lunch or coffee in the coming months?

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